Portable Hardware Encryption For All

The most advanced encryption technology available, packaged in a convenient device and backed up by an easy to manage federated solution. All at an affordable price.

Encedo is…

An entirely new, democratic, approach to encryption. Historically, hardware based encryption has been the sole domain of big business and government, due to price and complexity of management and use.

Encedo saw a way to do it differently. Our vision is to ensure that everyone can encrypt their data, maintaining control wherever it is, using the strongest ciphers and keys available on the market today. We do this by offering a best in class solution, in a simple package that’s easy to manage and provides control remotely – at a price that everyone can afford.

Encryption happens directly on a hardware encryption module.
Enhanced security made simple.

Key Advantages

Encedo enables anyone to utilize the benefits of strong encryption without the complexities of managing traditional key infrastructure.

We’ve made key management transparent and best of all, it’s easy to use and operate.

Encedo enables enterprises to retain absolute control over their data and who can access it.  We’ve successfully federated controls, allowing trust with rule enforcement between estates and enterprises.

All that’s required for full control is an EncedoKey and permissions.

Encedo encrypts directly on a HEM, meaning that you can put an EncedoKey in your pocket and carry the ability to encrypt your information with you wherever you go.

Encedo offers an affordable two year subscription license that includes hardware. Cutting edge encryption made attainable for business of any size.

Encedo puts encryption into everyone’s hand.

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Delivery starting May 2018