Make privacy private again

Encedo is…

Encedo is the most advanced encryption technology available. Is fastest, stronger and easier to use than anything on the market. We packed cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms with a self-contained hardware security, all at a disruptive price point – our aim is to put the best encryption into everyone’s hands.

Protect your family and business data and private information today.


Banks and financial institutions are constantly under fire. Now there is a secure way to protect their clients data and be protected in case of any breach.

Nobody wants their private info available, specially when is about health and family. With Encedo you don;t only protect your base, but also each individual client.

Everyone is going crazy about crypto currency but even the Blockchain revolution will not protect access to your personal data and wallets. Encode will.

Your house, your car, even your coffee machine is connected to the web, add a simple but powerful way to ensure that what happens at home stays at home with Encedo.

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Make your privacy private again. Now